Thursday, July 21, 2005

Mobile Media Community Drive

G'day folks

As you know, I'm across many community minded projects and such.

I just returned from a meeting with "George" from The Salvation Army. Many readers will be well aware of the fantastic work that The Salvation Army does.

Mobile telephones can play an important role in people's lives, be it keeping them in touch with their support systems and structures (family, close friends etc) and / or getting people back to work. In some cases, mobiles have saved people's lives, albeit in emergency situation. Despite what Telstra's company line says, I would suggest that mobile telephones are an Essential Service. This is more so the case when someone may not have access to a land line (home telephone line, public telephone and such).

Bottom line - mobile telephones are important , can save lives, and are no longer a luxury.

On the subject of mobile phones, a big thank you to our friends at SlimTel. Their support and goodwill is very much appriciated.

George tells me that The Salvation Army is looking for both old (and newer) mobile telephones. They recycle mobile telephones, get them working, give them to folks who need them, use them for parts and more. If you have a mobile telphone that is not needed, please send it to me and I will hand deliver it to The Salvation Army, Randwick office, or you can look them up and drop it to them yourself. Randwick Salvation Army office phone number is (02) 9326 7802.

As always, thank you to all the community minded folks out there.

Best Regards
Greg Tingle
Media Man Australia
m: 0424 223 674
a: PO Box L55 Maroubra South NSW 2035