Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Manly Beach Protest - Manly For Families - Sack The Council

This Friday morning (18th November 2005) there will be a huge protest on Manly Beach.

It's not fair that people should have to pay to go to the beach under any circumstances.

Prime Minister John Howard preachs fitness for families, walking, staying fit etc, yet Peter Mcdonald and a few others on Manly Council want to charge you to go to the beach to get fit under instruction from PT's, Boot Camp trainers and the like.

This is robbery and is in the same basket as Parking Meters, Desk Chairs for hire, and so it goes on.

Join the media and public feeding freenzy against Manly Council on Manly Beach, this Friday morning.

Remember, Sack The Council!

Best Regards
Greg Tingle
Media Man Australia
Member: National Press Club, Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance, Manly For Families