Friday, October 19, 2007

Climate Movement Media News Update

I'm delighted to announce that we are now an active member of not only Climate Action Maroubra Beach and Climate Action Pittwater, but also Sutherland Climate Action Network.
Yesterday I spoke with Jonathan Doig from Sutherland Climate Action, and we will be meeting in the near future.

Pittwater Climate Action continues to make progress with the Pittwater High School Solar Power Station project.

Maroubra Beach Climate Action is a little quite at the moment as one of the key people, Kevin James (a carbon trading expert) has gone to Germany for a whilst.

Githabul people - Indigenous Australian tribe recently achieved yet another victory in a "dry run" this past Tuesday. It was held at the Court of Australia, Sydney, and the victory will likely take place on the Githabul people site in mid November.

Airlines and Aviation Companies - I wanted to congratulate the airline industry for being so pro active in regards to programes to offset carbon emissions and such. My associates and I have spoke and exchanged correspondence with number of Airlines including but not limited to Qantas, REX (Regional Express) Virgin Blue and Sky "X".

Carbon trading companies - I remain impressed by the great work and expertise of Australian companies such as Australian Climate Exchange, The Carbon Pool and the Carbon Reduction Institute.

Australian Geographic Society - founded in March 1988 by Dick Smith, I am now delighted to be assisting on a special project thanks to Todd Tai. The Australian Geographic Society has been pro active in environmental matters for a long time and continues strong.

Environmentalists and the environment - I have also rampted up profiles and content on the Media Man Australia company website:

Thanks for reading.

Best Regards
Greg Tingle
Media Man Australia