Tuesday, June 17, 2008

C31 - Still the thirty one! - Press Release

C31 - Melbourne’s community TV station is stronger than ever.

C31 is a viable, community business, which stands proudly on its own two feet.

The Victorian State Government, in co-operation with C31, is looking at new ways support community television in Melbourne and Geelong.

The Channel is also working closely with Senator Stephen Conroy and the new Federal Government to enable broadcast on the digital spectrum.

In the meantime, C31 continues to generate the vast majority of its revenue through ‘sponsorship’ announcements.

On-going success has enabled investment in infrastructure, including a significant boost in analogue signal strength. This means C31 is beamed clearly into more and more living rooms across Greater Melbourne and Geelong.

Over 95, first run, locally produced shows go to air each week and1.46 million people tune in each month.

C31 continues to provide invaluable training for industry professionals, both in front of and behind the camera.

Without a digital broadcast license, C31 is operating with one hand tied behinds its back. However, as digital take-up increases, C31’s audience refuses to switch over; more and more people are tuning in each month. Viewers continue to fall in love with the station that unearthed Rove, Hamish and Andy, Vasili, Peter Hellier, Jose Parelli, Salam Cafe and the fish.

There are no police, medical or courtroom dramas on C31.

C31 - The future is exciting.

C31 Quick Facts

• Started broadcasting in October 1994.

• Currently broadcasts over 95 first-run locally produced television programs every week.

• Reaches more than 1.46 million viewers each month – nearly a third of Melbourne’s population.

· C31 now transmits at 10kw from Mount Dandenong

Media contact: Jim Wright: (03) 9660 3131

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