Saturday, June 28, 2008

Record crowds and celebrities from Sydney's cool scene, pack North Bondi Beach for the first ever Changing Colours Movement protest concert

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Record crowds and celebrities from Sydney's cool scene, pack North Bondi Beach for the first ever Changing Colours Movement protest concert to raise money and awareness for the timely issue of whaling.

Celebrities the likes of Hugh Jackman, Gyton Grantley, Bessie Bardot, Lauren Eagle, Nicole Atherton (World Jnr. Womens suf champ) Aaron Jefferies, Leanna Walsman, and Belinda Chappel joined Australian band Mojada and special guests Waverly Mayor Ingrid Strewe, Deputy Mayor Dominic WYkanak, Ceo of Greenpeace Steve Shalhorn, And Ceo of IFAW Erica to stand up and voice their opposition to the timely issue of whaling that continues to illegally take place in the protected Australian waters of the Southern Antarctic sanctuary.

Amidst the chilling winds of last Sunday's winter solstice, infront of the camera's of Australia's national media, the local community turned out and witnessed the celebrity guest speakers and an amazing ceremony from legendary Aboriginal musician Bunna Lawrie of the Mirning Tribe and iconic ARIA Award winning Aboriginal band Coloured Stone.

As Bunna performed his traditional whale songs, enlisting the help of the crowd that filled the beach to sing along, 3 humpback whales surfaced not 50 meters off the beach to come and have a listen to the community singing along with Bunna in celebration of these beautiful creatures.

Proceeds from the event were raised for pro surfer Dave Rastovich's 'Surfers for Cetaceans', and Jeff Pantukhoff's 'Whaleman' foundations. Jack Thompson, narrator of the soon to be released Julian Lennon film 'Whaledreamers' also endorsed the event and recorded a video message of support that was played on the night in his absence.

After the official activities on the beach, the event then moved into the North Bondi RSL for the concert featuring music acts including Triple J favorites Melanie Horsnell, Declan Kelly, Gin Wigmore, Budspells and Superstar Dj TARAS.

The highlight of the concert was undoubtedly the jam between Bunna Lawrie, Mojada and Waverly deputy mayor Dominic WYKanak. The 600 strong sell out crowd felt the roof lift off the north Bondi RSL, which representatives agreed, had never seen such a big event of this stature through its doors in its 50 year history.

Mojada and Bunna head into the studio this weekend, with Producer Nial Anderson to record new material for Bunna including the remake of some of Coloured Stone's classic hits.

Band members from Mojada, who founded The Changing Colours Movement just 4 weeks ago after returning from the US with their debut record, will continue to push for their target of 1 MILLION online signatures against whaling, and plan a release over the next 2 weeks (date TBC) of a film clip for their protest song "Changing Colours" written in direct response to the whaling issue.

"After witnessing the confronting images of the slaughter of hundreds of Dolphins and whales after peaceful protesters were forced away by local fisherman in the bay of Taiji, Japan, we have had an unavoidable drive to help campaign towards the protection and conservation of these majestic ocean giants."

To organize a copy of the film clip, song or interview or further information and pictures

Please contact: The Changing Colours Movement

3/27 Curlewis st, Bondi Beach NSW 2026

+61 4 14 628 650. +612 9300 8649

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