Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Charity Stakes

WE ARE IN A TIME WHERE THE AMERICAN FAMILY'S DOLLAR IS BEING STRETCHED FAR BEYOND THE BREAKING POINT. With rising costs across the board, Americans are looking for outlets to explore that will offer them great fun and entertainment at the lowest possible costs. Worthy charities and organizations are also feeling the same financial pinch as well.

On a whole, charitable contributions are down, as well as, organizational memberships. This squeeze is hindering MANY very worthwhile charities and causes, funded by these great organizations.

We at CHARITYSTAKES have developed a fun and exciting solution to this American dilemma.

Through CHARITYSTAKES, we want to bring an exciting experience for those who enjoy: playing poker, sports events and contests, games, tournaments, and other fun and exciting activities of entertainment. We offer them a place where Members can "Win Big with No Risk".

Along with all the fun and excitement our members will experience with CHARITYSTAKES, our members will also enjoy knowing that a large portion of their monthly dues will be donated back to a great and worthy cause. In effect, through their enjoyment, they will be contributing to the betterment of others lives, all creatures great or small, and any and every tragedy that may affect society as a whole.

CHARITYSTAKES' patent pending business model was developed as a venue to encourage people to play competitively along with the ability to win prizes – without their risking any of their own money. The only cost to our Members is a low monthly fee – NO CONTRACTS INVOLVED.

CHARITYSTAKES has applied its unique approach to many online games, tournaments and contests, enabling players to WIN BIG WITHOUT ANY RISK. With the increasing rise in the popularity of poker and CHARITYSTAKES unique approach, it is guaranteed to be a WIN – WIN for all.

Most important, we at CHARITYSTAKES are committed to responsible game-play, and are NOT A GAMBLING WEBSITE. In fact, we consider ourselves the "Anti-Gambling Website", because we do not offer gambling, we make it impossible for Members to lose their own money. Our goal is to maintain the thrill of online games while keeping it safe for everyone. Yet, we still provide the fun and exciting entertainment experience.

We promote safe and responsible game play all while working to "Play for Your Cause".

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