Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Find My Family - Putting Families Back Together

Legendary Australian actor Jack Thompson knows there can be no stronger bond than blood.

As a bloke adopted as a child and reunited with his father as an adult, Jack also knows that two people don't need to have met for them to share unconditional love.

On that note, Channel Seven is proud to announce Jack Thompson as the host of its brand new program, Find My Family.

Find My Family shares Jack's sentiment as it reunites lost souls and mends hearts that have been broken for a lifetime.

So many Australians have grown up without a mother, father, brother or sister, and often that absence leaves a gaping hole in their identity.

On Find My Family, long-lost loved ones are reunited and that hole is filled with tears of joy.

The hardest heart will be moved by the mother, pregnant too young and forced to bravely give her baby up for adoption, when she is reconnected with her son, grown up and with a child of his own.

Or there's the elation and devastation when a young woman looking for answers about her absent father, finds both a devastating truth from her long-lost uncle and a whole other family she never knew existed.

"When I was invited to host Find My Family I recognised immediately that in reuniting families I would be involved in something very dear to my heart," says Jack.

"I was adopted by a wonderful family, The Thompsons, but the reunion with my birth father that occurred after 42 years was an important moment of resolution in both his life and mine."

Channel Seven's Director of Programming and Production Tim Worner says Thompson's personal experience adds empathy and authority to these emotional moments.

"Find My Family is intensely human. It's deeply moving, joyous, sad, but enormously uplifting, all at the same time," says Tim.

Thompson's warmth and career-long association with distinctly Australian stories of trial and triumph, such as the films Breaker Morant and The Man from Snowy River, offers a welcome tender touch as the show deals with the repair of fractured family relationships.

"Above all, this show is a hero. The bonds that it has already created and will create for many years to come are something that makes Channel Seven immensely proud," Tim adds.

Find My Family is produced by Quail Television for Channel Seven. Executive Producers are John Rudd (Channel Seven) and Greg Quail (Quail TV).

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