Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Profile: Trading World International

Mission Statement

Trading World International works through uplifting travel adventures and purchasing programs, developing skills to hundreds of artisans in developing countries to cultivate profitable endeavors that enrich lives, communities, and the world at large.

About Us

After more than fourteen years in Business we continue to foster social awareness about global interactions within Africa and more recently Indonesia. Founder and Professional World Traveler and Educator Peter Evans, along with his team, works with Artisans and communities to maintain the principle of fair compensation for fair value; efforts that have successfully created opportunities in the global market that otherwise would not exist. Our primary goal is to create opportunities for individuals and organizations from around the world to be involved in the uplifting of third world communities.

Trading World International leads unique expeditions, that are individually tailored Safaris to allow participants to come face to face with life changing experiences in the culture and beauty of its surroundings. The fabric of our business allows interaction and belonging in a world of enlightenment and joy for both giver and receiver.

Over the years in the Limpopo school district we have helped to add classrooms to schools and connect water to communities affecting over 3000 lives directly.

We wholesale thousands of unique contemporary handmade pieces of art, reminiscent of the craft traditions from South Africa, East, West and North Africa, and have recently starting working in Indonesia exporting 100s of unique items.

(Credit: Trading World International)