Sunday, March 11, 2012

Surfaid Ball In Sydney, Australia - 10th March 2012


Sydney Australia Surfing

Tonight at Sydney's Dolton House, Pyrmont, in Sydney, much of Australia's surf industry partied hard to help raise much needed funds for Surfaid initiatives.

Everyone celebrated the work of humanitarian styled organisation SurfAid. It was a great night and just by attending one was able to help prevent more needless childhood death and suffering in the islands.

Besides the stellar lineup of world champion and legend surfers, big wave rider Mark Mathews (co-star of Fighting Fear) talked about what motivates him. There were also auctions of rare surfing and music memorabilia.

Surfaid got the message out: In the coming year we need to supply 30,000 mosquito nets to cover our target villages in the Mentawai. It costs $10 to purchase one net and $3,000 to deliver our Malaria Free Mentawai program to an entire village. The new nets will create a protective “insecticide halo” around each village that assists to disrupt the parasite cycle of infection and re-infection.


The Beautiful Girls

Timm Finn, and DJ Goodwill and DJ Eddy


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Surfaid International - Surfaid Ball

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